Complex cases, unique situations : we help you navigate the business world.

Lafortune Cadieux’s clients consist mainly of established and growing businesses, engaged in various economic sectors. Whether it be in the field of innovative technologies, artificial intelligence, software and application development, the cultural field (production, audiovisual and digital distribution) or the vital real estate and manufacturing sectors, our skilled lawyers will know how to advise and guide your business in its development, or in its acquisition and restructuring projects.

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We also act as legal advisers for the directors, officers and shareholders of our clientele, assisting them in matters of corporate governance, business decision-making and management of their relations with their partners, employees, representatives, clients and suppliers.

Moreover, we work closely with various professionals, accountants, tax experts, notaries, bankers and foreign lawyers and consultants, in order to provide you with fast, efficient and responsive services at all times, so you can focus on what really matters.

All our lawyers are dedicated to offer you exceptional legal services, in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Business Law

We provide services to our clients in all areas of corporate and commercial law including: incorporation and organization of start-ups, shareholders’ or partners’ agreements, corporate secretarial services, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, sale and purchase of shares or assets of businesses, negotiation, interpretation and drafting of commercial agreements, real estate, franchising, distribution, implementation of incentive plans for key employees, as well as the issuance of relevant legal opinions on these subject matters.

We also have great expertise in drafting complex contracts and agreements in all fields, including in the information technology sector.

Professional Partnerships and Corporations

Lawyers from Lafortune Cadieux work for many professional partnerships and corporations (dentists, doctors, lawyers, chartered professional accountants, physiotherapists, veterinarians, architects, optometrists, nurses, etc.) and have developed a great expertise in this field. We can advise you on the acquisition of professional firms, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, incorporation, legal structures, compliance with particular formalities provided by laws and regulations applicable to professionals, hiring of professionals or break-up of professional partnerships. Being professionals and entrepreneurs ourselves, we are very appreciative of the many particularities of the legal and commercial issues experienced by our clientele in this area.

Labour and Employment

Lafortune Cadieux offers its clientele a full range of services in matters of labour and employment law, whether for the negotiation and preparation of employment, confidentiality, non-competition or non-solicitation agreements, advices as to the application of labour laws, assistance for the hiring or dismissal of employees or senior and executive staff or advices to individuals (for example, following a dismissal). In the area of labour law, our lawyers provide representation before common law courts, administrative tribunals and arbitrators. They also act in matters relating to human rights and freedoms.

Some of our lawyers have a great expertise in collective labour relations, either under federal or provincial labour law.

We also advise our clients on the interpretation, negotiation and drafting of collective agreements, grievance arbitration, union certification, human rights and privacy protection, and represent our clients with respect to claims before specialized labour tribunals or law courts and with respect to extraordinary actions related thereto.

Intellectual Property and Technologies

The lawyers of Lafortune Cadieux have the expertise needed to help clients in matters of trademarks and copyrights in Canada and can draft and negotiate license and technology-transfer and sharing agreements, in addition to protecting their intellectual property.

We also work closely with several corporations in the field of information technology, communication and artificial intelligence.

Tax and Estate Planning

Our firm implements various tax and estate planning for its clients, by means of corporate reorganizations and the establishment of trusts.

We are also specialized in the preparation and drafting of complex tax and estate planning for businessmen and businesswomen and member of their families, such as fiduciary wills or protection mandates adapted to entrepreneurs (foreseeing, for example, what happens to the management of their businesses in the event of their incapacity).